So You Dream Of Proposing Marriage In Taiwan?

A love sealed in Taipei?

“I’ve been dreaming of proposing for my girlfriend’s hand in marriage when we visit Taipei.

Which are the places to go in Taipei and special things to do to make this a romantic and unforgettable reality?”

yehliucouple So You Dream Of Proposing Marriage In Taiwan?

... Love through time. Yeh Liu coast. ...

What an interesting query in traveling Taiwan!

Propose for her hand in marriage in Taipei!

Not one person, but a handful had asked me this question. Either in the Taiwan travel forums I volunteer in or by email.

Ok, here’s my take for this fun topic many of you lovebirds flying to Taiwan are dying to find answers to!

You proposing marriage in Taiwan, this special series is just for you:

• Before You Propose – Don’t Forget These Must-haves!

• 5 Crazy Ideas For Proposing Marriage in Taipei!

• 5 More Crazy Ideas For Proposing in Taipei!

• 2 Keys To Ensure A Successful Marriage Proposal..

Guys, take down notes! Gals, show your guys this special TaipeiDreams series!