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Do you worry about the quality of this Taiwan travel site you’re reading?

Fret not.

Be assured of our content integrity and safeguard your experience* with us in these 5 ways.

TaipeiDreams Trust Us Page Trust Us

Taiwan travelers, U can trust TaipeiDreams. Here are the fun details!

* In almost everywhere else online, a page like this is otherwise known boringly as “Disclaimer” or “Terms of use”.. ;-)

1. Info is accurate and updated

• As much as we know, all info provided are accurate and updated.
This is a true benefit you get from reading TaipeiDreams, a Weblog fresh with content and updated regularly.

• It is impossible to stay always updated on minutiae.
For schedules, timetables, pricings and other news from the service providers (such as tour operators, restaurants). These resources are beyond our management.

• Fellow traveler, feel free to help us.
Spot a broken link here? Have a travel Taiwan info to share? Alert us of any changes you come across. We will verify and update our info accordingly.

2. No one is slighted

• No one – or thing – is or will be slighted.
No one person, group, item (such as food for example) or business is slighted in our Weblogs. Opinions, comments and emotions expressed in posts, photo muses and etc., are mine or the author’s.

• We will not add more pain online.
There is enough abuse and damage in the offline world. Let’s not make life any worse, shall we? :-)

3. Ads to help you. Ads to help us

• Added benefit of ads.
We provide a number of different ads from related resources in our Weblogs and email newsletter. This made our Weblogs so much more useful and valuable to you.

• These ads provide some returns.
In fair compensation for all the resources we committed to bring you these online content.

• We tell you if they are paying us.
When we give you useful content that we get monetary compensation for, we will inform you clearly in the post. You are always free to assess how helpful the sponsored content is for your use.

4. We link you to more goodies elsewhere

• Links beyond our management.
We do not control the info quality, business practices or policies (privacy, terms of use) of other online resources that we linked for you from our Weblogs.

• Enjoy the linked goodies at your discretion.
Explore the other sites at your discretion. Seek the sites owners if you need their help. Then hurry back to our content where we first inspired you.

5. Be inspired. Be safe

• Any info resource (online or offline) must caution you!
We cannot be held responsible for results and damages you receive from applying the given information.

• Seek professional help if needed.
Seek competent help from the relevant professional(s) for further help you need. No part of TaipeiDreams and our related resources are meant to be taken for financial, medical or legal advice.

Ready for rich and inspiring stuff online?

Take a break from life mundane or demanding.

    • Make a nice invigorating cuppa.
    • Grab some (try healthy ones?) snacks.
    • Put up your legs and lean back (not in the workplace we hope!).

Welcome to TaipeiDreams!

An inspiring world escaping to tour Taipei, Taiwan in intuitively fun tips and tales – that no dry, boring travel guide will bring you the hearty traveler!

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