Before You Propose – Don’t Forget These Must-haves!

Make your romantic dream come true in Taipei!

So you’re dreaming of proposing for marriage in Taipei?

The dream has begun. Let’s start with Taipei our location: The background, the setting, where the proposal will take place!

Does one need to propose in a environment typically felt as “romantic” like say, in a restaurant? Or within a sheltered area? Maybe not.

danshuilove Before You Propose Dont Forget These Must haves!

... Sail away! Dan Shui waterfront. ...

Tip: What mood does your lady love?

Do your homework: What kind of ambience appeals to your wife-to-be?

Does your girlfriend get all warm and fuzzy in the companionship of..

    • Open spaces? Beach and sea?
    • Hills and mountains? Animals?
    • Theme park? Vast greenery?
    • Rustic town? Street of antiquated shophouses?

For each of these spaces, Taipei will have her amazing list of places for your proposal to take place!

When the lady’s soaking in the setting of her delight, the guy can seize the moment and pop the all-important question!

How much drama* (see the how-to crazy ideas) you want to add while proposing is up to you too!

Flowers? Good food? Good views? Music?

Ahh, the before-you-propose romantic details..

Fret not. I’ll suggest that these can come after the marry-me-or-I’ll-perish question is asked (gimme a five)! They may not necessarily need to be must-haves when you propose. Phew!

jiufengiftglass 300x214 Before You Propose Dont Forget These Must haves!

... This magic moment. Jiu Fen town glassblower gift shop. ...

Minimum requirements to ask for her hand in love..

But some stuff are still great – or must-have though.
Sorry guys. Before and during the proposal, the guy traditionally would invest in and prepare:

    1. The engagement or wedding ring.

    2. A ‘pleading’ posture from the guy.
    One time only guys, fear not! ;-)

    3. Ensure that the lady is in a receptive mood.
    For the surprise to work its magic, your lady can be in a puzzled or unaware state. Watch out: Bad mood is definitely no-no OK!

Get down and dirty with these 5 how-to-propose-for-marriage wacky ideas! > >