Care For Taiwan

As tourists and travelers, can we care for the people of Taiwan?

In and, I have featured links to non-profit groups in Taiwan.

People who are helping the Taiwanese in the welfare of their family, children, disaster relief and etc.

Taiwan travelers, help Taiwanese non-profit causes? :-)

2 ways you can help

    1. Get to know these non-profit groups.
    Like for Eden Social Welfare (linked in TaipeiDreams), I saw their amazing work on TV. You’ve already started well – by reading here.

    Know the groups, their causes. Tell your friends. :)

    2. Help out in peaceful times or in emergencies.
    Visit their web sites. Reach them. Donate to them.

    Help them raise funds. I know of visitors who volunteer in disaster rescue efforts even!

A traveler heart’s response

TaipeiDreams or EatTaipei do NOT profit monetarily from this free arrangement.

I provided these links on my own accord. Why? Simply because these fun web site stuff I created online are all built from inspiration – and to share it.

Thanks, my fellow Taiwan travel escape fans!

Hope my little efforts help further these Taiwanese non-profit helping hands – with your helping heart.

P.S. These Taiwan non-profit groups are linked at lower right sidebar space.

Dave :-)
Creator of &

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