3 Popular Hotels Near Ximending, Taipei City!

3 popular Taipei hotels around Ximending!

Have you seen this list: 10 Popular Hotels Around Ximending, Taipei City?

In it, I listed 10 Taipei hotels popular among visitors staying near TMS.

Happily, over the last 6 months or so, 3 of these listed Taipei hotels got the most views and searches (even bookings) in their Hotelcombined links – from Hotelcombined records.

Staying at Ximending? Here are 3 popular hotels they love!

Top Ximending hotels for you, tourist?

Here they are – 3 Ximending hotels the travellers loved:

TripAdvisor-recommendsHan She hotel (Hansome hotel) recommended by TripAdvisor travellers!

HotelCombined-RecommendHan She (Hansome) hotel best rates with HotelCombined!

TripAdvisor-recommendsParadise hotel recommended by TripAdvisor travellers!

HotelCombined-RecommendParadise hotel best rates with HotelCombined!


TripAdvisor-recommendsRainbow hotel recommended by TripAdvisor travellers!

HotelCombined-RecommendRainbow hotel best rates with HotelCombined!

Enjoy this Ximending popular hotel list in 2 fun ways!

1. Each of these Ximending hotels is highly popular. They are listed here alphabetically by name, NOT popularity!

2. Experience hotel photos, rates, reviews – see the BOX above for TripAdvisor / Hotelcombined links!

Now you know which hotel to stay around Ximending, Taipei city!

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