5 More Crazy Ideas For Proposing Marriage in Taipei!

Dare to dream?

Keep on dreaming of proposing for marriage in Taipei! Help! More and crazier ideas are popping up!

... Brew the moment. Starbucks cafe KeeLung harbourside. ...

... Brew the moment. Starbucks cafe KeeLung harbourside. ...

1. XiMenDing vibes

You know the place. It’s a delightful mix of trendy crowds, sights and sounds. Don’t need much to create a scene here.

Maybe just a spot in the middle of passing human traffic. Props? Try a small sign you can hold, wear or place on the ground. Battery-operated blinking lights on you or the sign can do wonders.

Just be sure you are not doing your attention-grabbing act next to any street busker – or you’ll be promptly challenged for stealing the limelight from him!

2. Best Starbucks in Taiwan?

My wife and I spent hours in KeeLung Harbourside’s Starbucks cafe. Weeks later, I read that that Starbucks is said to be the best in Taiwan!

Call me boring or kopi-sian (coffee lover), but that Harbourside has an allure to it lovers will enjoy.

Did I tell you the 2-storey cafe has cosy plush seats overlooking the Harbour, with music soothing the air while you sip?

3. Must have aircon + good food + music?

Plan a meal in any restaurant. Themed restaurant.. Exotic restaurant.. Taipei has them all.

When she’s eating, make your excuse (sure you can think of one huh?) and leave table. Tell the public address or AVA guy what you wish to do. Then let your lady hear your voice and proposal over the music/ address system.

If you or PA guy or management won’t do or allow this, just tell them your plan and ask them play a piece of romantic music. Then you propose at (or on or beside, but never under!) your table.

Make this a restaurant date THE date she’ll never forget!

... Let your heart be known. Wu Lai cable car & waterfall. ...

... Let your heart be known. Wu Lai cable car & waterfall. ...

4. Impress with raw sincerity

In WuLai Town, join the aboriginal dance during the cultural show. When your planned moment arrives, get on your knees (or do it the way the Atayal folks will do) and propose.

This will be as TOTAL a surprise that you can give!

Who knows – next time WuLai Aborigines Town will charge a fees for all future “proposing activities” in their performances! No thanks to you! ;-)

5. More ideas if you dare..

More ideas than your lady can reject! I can go on and on, but you get the idea (I hope) by now.. To do a marriage proposal overseas in Taipei, it don’t have to take much of your time or worse – cost you a bomb.

Try a secret arrangement with the hotel staff, front desk or management personnel.. Pop your question when you are both lost enjoying any one of Taipei’s many night markets..

What more (and crazier) ideas can you come up with? I’m sure you’ll be able to create a moment to ask your beloved the important question in your heart.

To your success! But first, have you got these 2 keys?

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