Taiwan 9D8N Chua Kheng & Family Tour Itinerary

Chua Kheng and family’s 9 days 8 nights itinerary touring Taiwan

Chua Kheng from Singapore, shares from her tour of Taiwan with her family; traveling with elderly and kids.


Taiwan 9D8N tour shared by Chua Kheng & family from Singapore! :)

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Day 1 – Taipei

11/12/11 Sunday

    1. Flight from SingaporeChangi Airport to Taipei Taoyuan Terminal 1 by Cathay Pacific.
    2. Took cab to Dandy Hotel Tianjin Branch,boutique hotel.
    We loved this hotel. Very polite and helpful receptionists!

Day 2 – Taipei

12/12/11 Monday
Privately organised tour with Taiwanese cab.

    1. Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.
    2. Long Shan temple, Wanhua.
    3. Bei Tou hot spring.
    My very first time stripping naked for the public hot spring!
    4. Dan Shui, Fisherman’s Wharf.
    5. Shi Lin night market.

Day 3 – New Taipei City and Keelung

13/12/11 Tuesday
Private cab tour..

    1. Ping Xi railway branch line.
    Wonderful experience releasing sky lantern at Pingxi! We wrote our wishes on the lantern in Chinese, but quickly switched to English — when we saw how wanting our Chinese was!
    2. Yeh Liu Geological Park.
    3. Jiu Fen village.
    Rainy Monday at Jiufen village. We met massive jams, tourist crowds and stayed for an hour only. I would love to visit Jiufen again!
    4. Keelung Miaokou night market.

Day 4 – Yilan (ilan)

14/12/11 Wednesday
Private cab travel..

    1. National Center for Traditional Arts, Yilan.
    2.Luodong night market.
    3. Stay at Sunday Home minsu.
    Our stay at Sunday Home minsu was the highlight at Yilan! Beautiful homestay with hospitable hosts and best breakfast for our whole tour!

Day 5 – Hualien

15/12/11 Thursday

    1. Took a railway train to Hualien.
    2. Private cab tour to Taroko National Park.
    At Taroko Park, we did not cover many of the trails with the elderly and kids along. However, our humorous cabbie-tour guide made ours a delightful trip!
    3. Checked into Hotel Bayview.


Taiwan 9D8N tour shared by Chua Kheng & family from Singapore! :)

Day 6 – Hualien

16/12/11 Friday
Private cab travel.

    1. Shin Kong Chao Feng Ranch Resort.
    Not recommended – I found farm disappointing. Vast areas with only a few animals in poorly-kept condition.

Day 7 – Hualien

17/12/11 Saturday

    1. Farglory Ocean Park.
    Although small, Ocean Park had good animal shows. Our little ones greatly enjoyed the kiddy rides!
    2. Took train back to Taipei.

Day 8 – Taipei

18/12/11 Sunday

    1. Babyboss themed cityat Living Mall.
    Babyboss was highlight of the day! Our kids loved it enough to perform six “occupations” in half a day — and still begging to visit Babyboss again!
    2. Taipei 101.
    3. Shopping at Ximendingentertainment district.

Day 9 – Taipei to Singapore

19/12/11 Monday

    1. 1. Flight from Taipei to Singapore.

I loved my Taiwan tour..

Rating: ★★★★☆

What a beautiful Taiwan trip with my family!

    • Relaxing tour and so freeing — traveling free and easy way!
    • Polite and helpful Taiwanese we met.
    • Trains were clean and on schedule, making traveling for tourists a breeze!

We covered Taipei, eastern Taiwan. Would be touring the central and southern parts of Taiwan in coming visits!

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