5 Crazy Ideas For Proposing Marriage in Taipei!

Your dream starts here?

Don’t just dream of proposing for marriage in Taipei! Do it – with these 5 crazy ideas!

... Romance in the air! Miramar Ferris Wheel. ...

... Romance in the air! Miramar Ferris Wheel. ...

1. No need to wait till you’re there!

Get on your knees in the plane aisle 1 hour before reaching Taipei. Yah, I know budget airline Jetstar’s plane will be really tight on spaces..

Careful that stewardess(es!) coming with the serving trolley.. Watch out!

2. In any crammed space way above in the air

Miramar’s Ferris Wheel. MaoKong Cable Car. WuLai Cable Car up to YunHsien Resort. Where else can you find cable car huh..?

When you are high up there within spaces tight, do what you planned to..

What?! You didn’t know your partner has claustrophobia? She’s afraid of heights some more?! :-(

3. Sands of time

Launch your plea when you both are at the trademark Queen’s Head rock formation in YehLiu Geological Scenic Park.

“Will you be the Queen in my life?”

... Step into a moment in time. Yeh Liu pavement. ...

... Step into a moment in time. Yeh Liu pavement. ...

4. Romantic Train journey

How you want this journey to a life together: high speed railway or chu-chu train? From Taipei Main Station, you can enjoy a leisurely train ride to other stations an hour’s travel away.

Choose your train. Choose your journey. Choose your moment.

5. Oh DanShui..

It’s a romantic waterfront town here.

Want a truly special technique, TA-style? How about letting a street artist draw a portrait of your lady.. When she’s immobilized in her pose, you propose.

Hard to get rejected this way!

Oh no, it’s an attack of more crazy ideas!

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