10 Popular Hotels Around Xinyi District, Taipei City!

Looking for a hotel to stay around Xinyi business and entertainment district, Taipei?

How do you like a list of 10 popular hotels there?

This thriving Xin Yi zone is Taipei’s commercial, financial and entertainment center. Have you missed the other lists of 10 popular hotels in Taipei city:

Hotel stay in the most cosmopolitan Xinyi district, Taipei city – 10 well-loved hotels!

Why hotel stay around Xinyi zone, Taipei?

Stay around Xinyi – the MOST cosmopolitan part of Taipei!

Best of all, when you stay near Xinyi, it means..

    • You will be traversing through or by Xinyi commerce city life in the day, and shopping, dining, entertainment in the night – when you travel out from or back to your hotel.

    • You can tour the rest of Taipei – from the various Taipei MRT stations serving the area mere minute’s walk away!

The Taipei hotels in this list are graded from 3-stars to the high end!
Each of them has much more than the basic hotel comforts – plus touches of luxurious facilities and service to make your stay in Taipei more than a safe, comfortable and productive one!

You must know about this hotel list..

1. These Xin Yi hotels are listed alphabetically by name – NOT popularity!

2. Support and enjoy my efforts – use these Xinyi hotel tools freely.

3. I’ve also researched and given you the Xin Yi hotel names in Chinese.
Knowing the Chinese hotel names will be helpful when you’re taking transport like airport bus, taxi.. Useful for Taiwan travelers who may or may not speak Chinese.

10 popular Taiwan hotels in Xinyi district, Taipei city

AT Boutique Hotel Xinyi.

Charming City Hotel Taipei.

Dandy Hotel Daan.

Deja Vu Hotel Taipei.

Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Xinyi Hotels Chinese Names 10 Popular Hotels Around Xinyi District, Taipei City!

Click to enlarge: 10 Taipei Xinyi hotel names in Chinese!

Les Suites Taipei Da-An.

San Want Hotel Taipei.

Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Taipei.

The Tango Hotel (Xinyi).

United Hotel Taipei.

Alert: These Xinyi hotels are highly popular.
Be sure to book your Taipei stay soon – before the hotels are all packed full!

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