Travel Taipei farther and richer!

Do you know what are the travel expenses in touring Taipei, Taiwan?

Are your tourist Taiwan dollar enough?

What are the expenses you’ll meet in your trip in Taipei, Taiwan? What are the different areas that will need your precious Taiwan dollar?

Have you missed out these Taipei travel expenses – so essential in your trip?

Tour Taipei farther – know your essential Taiwan travel expenses! 🙂

1. Travel expense from Taiwan Airport to Taipei city!

A first Taipei travel expense – getting from airport to town.

In a few year’s time, Taipei MRT will be linked to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. For now, to get from airport to your hotel in Taipei city, you’ll usually do either 1 of these ways:

1. Travel from airport to Taipei Main Station (downtown Taipei) via shuttle bus,

    • then a short (less than 10 minutes) taxi trip to your hotel.

A one-way ride from airport to Taipei city with either 1 of the 2 shuttle bus services costs an estimated TWD130 per adult. The taxi ride to your hotel is often within TWD110 to TWD180 range.

2. Travel from airport to downtown Taipei hotel in a taxi. A typical Taipei taxi ride will cost around TWD1200, subject to traffic condition. 😉

You can also arrange your own taxi ride from airport, with your Taipei hotel, or other local sources.

Whether by shuttle bus or taxi, be sure to include 2-way transport fare in your Taipei travel expense.


2. Taipei hotel stay!

A big Taipei travel expense – where you are staying in.

Often, travelers to Taipei, Taiwan enjoy staying in the many ubiquitous 3-stars hotels found in Taipei city.

Check out these popular hotel choices (from 2-stars and above) in 3 Taipei city locations Taiwan visitors love to stay in:

1. Taipei Main Station;

2. Ximending youth entertainment zone;

3. Xinyi upscale entertainment district.

Other than hotels, minsus or homestays are also popular, especially with travelers on tight budget. For a 3-star hotel in say, Ximending area, a night stay is around TWD1200 per adult in a single room suite.

Refer to your hotel for exact hotel room rates. Multiply your hotel rate with the number of days of your stay for your hotel expense.


3. Touring Taipei city via EasyCard!

A great way to get around Taipei city – this is another Taipei travel expense.

Tour the popular scenic spots and tourist attractions using Taipei MRT! Buy an EasyCard, use this card to travel within Taipei via the MRT, take city bus..

How do you buy and benefit from the EasyCard:悠遊卡


Be sure to include this EasyCard as a necessary Taipei travel expense.


Plan and work well these essential Taipei travel expenses – and go farther in your Taipei Taiwan tour!

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  1. I’m going to Taiwan for 5D4N. Would you recommend the easycard or the Taipei 5D pass?
    FYI – I’m planning a 1 to 2 days trip to outskirts of Taipei, maybe to Jiufen or Yeliu or Shifen, Pingsi area. Would Taipei Pass also offer unlimited bus rides to these locations too?

  2. 1. For 5 days, U can easily use MOST if not all of the TWD500 stored value in an EasyCard. Top up TWD100 or more if needed.
    TPass is fixed value, TWD700 for 5 days.

    2. Remaining value unused will be REFUNDED (after deducting a small fees) when U return EasyCard to MRT on final tour day.
    No refund for TPass.

    3. U can use EasyCard when U tour much of Taipei: Buses, MRT, Danshui ferry, entry to Taipei Zoo, Maokong gondola ride etc.

    4. For your 1-2 days getting to/touring Taipei county spots Yehliu, Jiufen, Pingxi branch line U’ll take RAILWAY train as main travel mode to n fro from Taipei.
    TPass can’t be used for railway train fares.

    5. U tour Pingxi branch line (Shifen, Pingxi, Jingtong stops etc) using a full-day ticket (buy at Ruifang station) of their own.
    No TPass usable here too.

    So U see, from these 5 tips, an EasyCard benefit U much more than Taipei Pass.

    Wendy, thanks for signing up for ETips Taiwan tour ENewsletter.
    Enjoy your free E-Book! 🙂

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