What is your budget for traveling Taipei, Taiwan?

Working and sweating over your travel dollars and cents?

Do you know what travel items to include and what other expenses your Taiwan trip may need?

Like a look: How much in what areas had we spent in our Taipei travels?

In fun quick estimates, get ideas now to help you in planning your Taipei travel budget:

What to spend before your Taipei tour? Get some Taiwan travel budget tips!

Taipei travel details:

Travel expenses – before – our Taipei tour

In Singapore dollars..
Get ideas for creating what and how much you’ll spend for your Taipei, Taiwan trip, in the home currency you use:

Air fare:

1. Air tickets flying with budget airline Jetstar.
S$515 X 4 adults. Total: S$2060.

Travel wear:

2. Winterwear jackets 4 sets.
Total: S$370.

3. Tees; can’t remember how many pieces.
Total: S$55.

4. Lady comfy walking shoes for wife; 1 pair and socks.
Total: S$40.

Travel accessories:

5. Luggage 20 inches trolley cases 2 sets.
Total: S$110.

6. Toiletries.
Total: S$90.

Travel health:

7. Medicines for travel from family clinic. See medicine we travel with.
Total: S$40.

Travel equipment:

8. 2 more high-capacity memory sticks for Sony digital camera.
Total: S$200.

9. More fun stuff we travel Taipei with. See a part of cool travel items here.
Total: S$40.

Travel cash:

10. Extra cash in Singapore dollar. To buy TWD in Taipei if really needed.
Total: S$200.

Note: We also travel Taipei with a credit card for absolute urgent needs, thus holding only a small amount of foreign (Singapore dollar) currency while in Taipei.

11. Loose cash in Singapore dollar. For use at Singapore airport, in-flight meals, taxi fare home and etc..
6 pieces of S$10 notes. Total: S$60.

Gift for Taiwan friends:

12. 4 Gift sets for Taiwanese contacts.
Total: S$100.

Be back here this week for Part 2: What we spent during our Taipei tour!

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