Taste Taiwanese foods, shop for souvenirs at Danshui atmospheric old streets!

Danshui, New Taipei City, Taiwan!

Danshui is a seaside township and community up north of Taipei.

Locals and tourists flock to the idyllic town for an amazingly immersive getaway:

1. Getting to Danshui – quick directions:

Take MRT Red line to last station Tamsui (Danshui).

2. Reflect on Danshui rich historical spots:

3. Enjoy Danshui unique experiences and activities:

    Riverside promenade of activities and fun stalls;
    Old streets of pedestrians and shops;
    Historical sites;
    River activities;
    Weekend activities like concerts, performing arts and such..

Escape to idyllic & historical charm of Danshui for your precious moments!

4. Savour and shop Danshui local foods:

    Agei – Japanese-influenced beancurd with vermicelli;
    Fish, shrimp and seafood cracker and floss titbits;
    Iron eggs (century eggs actually).

5. Danshui popular travel attractions:

Explore Danshui further now?

Happy touring Danshui, New Taipei City!

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