Tour Taiwan in travel-savvy fun and creativity!

These are not expensive travel gear, for geeks and travel addicts alone.

Rather, these recommended cool-to-tour items for your Taiwan trip are

    • • Common (ok, some are not so common!) items used in our
daily lives
    • ,

    • • Everyday items but
incredibly useful in travels
    • and
incredibly smart of you
    Taiwan traveler to carry. 😉

I’ll show you why here.

Packing for your Taiwan trip? Check out this list!


1. Mobile phone

In your Taiwan travel, do more than yak with your mobile phone: Tune in to Taiwan radio for weather, music and news; read your maps and travel notes; capture tour pics and video!

Be sure to bring the phone charger, earphone/ microphone cable etc..


2. Resealable watertight plastic bags

Touring Taiwan solo, as a group or family, you will find endless uses for the amazing zip-tight bags. From organizing and packing travel items, storing worn clothes to managing meals, laundry, urgent needs, during your trip!


3. Door stopper, door rubber wedges

Handy deterrence security, wherever you travel-stay in Taiwan! Every time you close the door from inside your hotel or motel or minsu (homestay) room, just put this door wedge beneath the door.

Tip: I made mine a 2-wedges set, because some hotel/ motel doors have higher clearance from the floor!

Travel Taiwan – with these travel items cool & travel-savvy! 🙂


4. Pocket travel game set

Bored during Taiwan travel? Why suffer through your flight, sleepy train rides, or before bedtime in hotel? So pack a small travel game set: Add 2 dice, a pack of small playing cards. Or a mini travel box of board games.


5. Small locks (strong ones!)

Bring 2 sets: Small tough locks using keys or combination numbers. Not the ones locking your luggages, use these extra lock sets for added security. Lock your backpack, luggages. While traveling or in hotel; through crowds; lock up motel closets, through your Taiwan adventure!


6. Ultra travel kit

Next to your mobile phone, this is the item I highly recommend you never leave home without! Travel Taiwan in ultra form and fun – with such a cool, travel-savvy personal ultra travel kit.

Make your very own Ultra Travel Kit – fun details here!


7. Personal alarm

Carried on you, the young or elderly, a personal alarm calls attention to the alarm user, ward off an attacker, and alert others to forthcoming danger!


8. Multi tool

See my 13-functions Swiss army knife multi tool in picture? Truly useful, multi tools (Wiki link) also come in the form of a plier, or even a card! They work the same way: Giving you a compact, handy combination of small tools to help you in a variety of tasks – at home or when you travel Taiwan!


Pack cool. Travel Taiwan cool!

So how many of these 8 cool travel items have you packed and (or) used in your Taiwan trip?

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Fan of Taiwan. Friend from Singapore. :-)

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  1. How true, Ivan.
    For those doors and closets without safety latches and you want to secure them, use the extra padlocks also recommended here. 🙂
    Plastic cable ties (tie, cut to release & throw) is another good alternative to locks too.

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