3 luxury hotels in Xinyi, Zhongxiao, Daan, Taipei!

UPDATED December 2017!
Have you seen this list: 8 Popular Hotels Around Xinyi Zhongxiao District, Taipei City?

In that list, you see 8 hotels hot among visitors staying in Xinyi Zhongxiao district.

Over the past year, out from the listed 8 hotels, 3 hotels got the most views, searches (and bookings too) in their Hotelcombined links – from our Hotelcombined records.

Here are the 3 classy hotels – catch hotel photos, traveller’s reviews and best room rates:

Dandy-Daan-Hotel-Taipei Dandy-Hotel-Daan-Taipei-1 Dandy-Hotel-Daan-Taipei-2

Enjoy photos, reviews and rates – Dandy Hotel Daan Taipei 丹迪旅店 大安森林公園店 by HotelsCombined!

Shangrila-Far-Eastern-Plaza-Hotel-Taipei Shangrila-FE-Hotel-Taipei-1 Shangrila-FE-Hotel-Taipei-2

Enjoy photos, reviews and rates – Shangrila’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Taipei 香格里拉台北遠東國際大飯店 by Hotelcombined!

United-Hotel-Taipei United-Hotel-Daan-Taipei-1 United-Hotel-Daan-Taipei-2

Enjoy photos, reviews and rates – United Hotel Taipei 國聯大飯店
by HotelCombined!

2 fun ways to enjoy this Xinyi classy hotels list:

1. Each of these Xinyi hotels is highly popular. Listed here alphabetically by name, NOT order of popularity!

2. Click on the hotel links to see MORE photos of the hotels. Hear what other traveller say. Compare and get your best room rates!

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