Enjoyed touring Taipei, Taiwan – enough to share with more people here?

Why hide your Taipei, Taiwan travel thoughts – somewhere online?

Why not share it here – with more who love to travel Taiwan?

Tell us: What are the sightseeing spots you’ve visited? The fun, or letdowns you had in touring Taiwan?

Why hide your Taiwan travel webpages? U can now share them here!


Now you can – share your Taiwan travel through TaipeiDreams!

We’ll be happy to link to your Taiwan travel story, if you,

1. Toured Taipei or parts of Taiwan – as a visitor, tourist or traveler.

    • Share your visit to a tourist spot, or hotel or homestay.. We are all about traveling Taiwan in meaningful fun. For Taiwan travel escape fans.


2. Have online pages or a blog relating your Taiwan travel.
A place online with photos and texts of your time in Taiwan is just excellent! In English only please.

No need for super quality snapshots or flowery writings.

Most wanted: Personal stories!
Describe where you went, what you did and more in traveling Taiwan. Travel experiences shared from your personal point of view as a fellow Taiwan traveler.

Don’t be surprised: What other travelers want!
What you felt to be so trivial and boring may just be the special spark someone else is looking for to make their Taipei, Taiwan trip unforgettable!


2 easy ways you can share your Taiwan travel here:

1. Reply to our invite!
Received a message in your Taiwan page inviting you to exchange links with us? Just respond if you wish to share!

2. Tell us!
Drop me a line here with your Taiwan page URL, saying you’ll like to link with us.


In either way, I’ll reach you and we’ll link up.

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Fan of Taiwan. Friend from Singapore. :-)

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