About Us

“Travel Taiwan in greatness with one’s heart. Experience farther with one’s senses and spirit.”

— David Wee


Hi, my name is David.

I create and run this Taiwan Destination Website.

Who are we?

My wife and I, we enjoy travelling Taiwan. We are Chinese Singaporeans. Born in, found love and work in sunny Singapore.

Be inspired?

In TaipeiDreams, we like to share this Taiwan vibrancy with you. May you be enthralled by Taiwan too!

TaipeiDreams and you?

TaipeiDreams helps and inspires you to travel Taiwan, with Taiwan tour tales and tips. Fun not heavy, visually-engaging, street-smart!

Why tour Taipei, Taiwan?

We enjoy Taipei, Taiwan. It is hard to describe that carefree and refreshing air in the island. City and rural experiences – chaotic yet spontaneously alive!

Are we a tour agency?

No. We are not a travel agency. TaipeiDreams is 1 of 3 Destination Websites by LessMiserable.com.
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