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Get Taipei And Taiwan Weather Forecasts From Central Weather Bureau!

Taipei weather for you?

Get Taipei, Taiwan weather forecast – with help from Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau.

What is the weather in Taipei today? For the coming week? What about weather in other parts of Taiwan island – especially the places you plan to tour?

How about typhoons and any other environmental concerns?

Taiwan weather forecast: Get yours before U travel Taiwan. Yehliu Geo Park pictured here. :-)

Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau

For Taiwan’s CWB English pages, open this weblink in your browser:


Keep this CWB site open. Let’s see how we can get the various weather forecasts for Taipei and other parts of Taiwan:

1. Taipei weather today – and tomorrow

See Taipei weather today: In the CWB site you just opened, right there in North Area > Taipei City.

That’s the forecast: Temperature in degree Celsius, weather in graphic form and even an interesting “comfort” index.

Want more Taipei weather forecast details?

• Click on either the Taipei City link (tip 1) or..
• Point to Taipei City in the Taiwan island map, then click it (tip 1).

2. Taipei and Taiwan weather in the next 7 days

On the right menu, see Related Information then 7-days Forecasts. Click it for the week’s weather forecast (tip 2).

You’ll see the forecast for Taipei and other areas in the island, including Penghu, Jinmen and Matsu areas.

Taipei Weather CWB1 Get Taipei And Taiwan Weather Forecasts From Central Weather Bureau!

Taiwan Central Weather Bureau: Taipei weather for today, 3-days, or the week?

Get more Taiwan weather forecast in these next posts:

3. Taiwan island weather

4. Taiwan weather in the island’s tourist scenic spots

5. Taiwan typhoon, earthquake, air quality and others

Enrich your Taipei Taiwan travel planning

From Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau site, you travelers can now get weather forecasts on Taipei and Taiwan, and other weather-related info conveniently.

Have fun!


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Get Taiwan Weather Forecasts From Central Weather Bureau
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