Failed! My Early Tries At UF0 Catcher Game, Danshui Taipei!


Danshui game stall, Taipei: Discussing technicalities - after failing repeatedly to catch any toy haha!

Danshui game arcade: 3 things NOT fun there

You may not see them here.

But 3 things were wrong, or missing – or simply terribly not fun, in this snapshot.

    1. The soft toys were unbelievably oversized – and heavy.

    2. The game machine claws catching these toys? They were amazingly weak in their grasp (ya I know, it was meant to be that way)!

    3. Toys and claws aside. The human operator in the stall was (incredibly) visibly glum and pathetically cold.

Actually 1 more thing was wrong: The boys did not really express what I had fun picturing here. ;-)