Spot the Tourists! Pic: Gift store at Jiufen village, New Taipei City! 😉

So you want to give a great gift to a Taiwanese friend?

Can you really be sure your gift will NOT offend your friend at all — before what you offer can even delight him or her?!

Smart tourist quiz
Which 2 of these items will the Taiwan folks find taboo as presents:

    1. Clock!
    2. Chocolates!
    3. Food products from your country!
    4. Handkerchief set!
    5. CD, DVD and other media!

Smart traveler answer
1. Clock; and 4. Handkerchief set!

Smart tourist must-know

To give a clock sounds like to offer funeral rites in Mandarin Chinese. No thanks!

Handkerchiefs branded or not are meant for wiping away tears. Your Taiwanese friend won’t need a ‘gift’ that bring him or her some misfortune enough to cry and use the hankie!

More Smart traveler humor (for laughing only!)

    Chocolates are bad gifts because they (the classy ones) are often expensive!

    Food products from your country may just taste strange or bad to the recipient!

    CD, DVD? Who needs those? Latest entertainment cheap and often pirated ones can be had easily in Taiwan!

Dear Taiwan travelers,

What are other terrible ‘gifts’ never to give to your Taiwanese contacts and friends?
Instead of these bad gifts, what are some great gift ideas to convey your appreciation and graciousness?

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