Taiwan traveler worry: Electrical and electronic travel items?

What travel gadgets do you tour Taiwan in?

Do you tour Taiwan with a baggage of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, digital camera, battery charger, MP3 player, handheld game console..?

Or are you family travelers touring with household electrical items like a hair dryer, even a travel stove?

Regardless if you are staying in a Taiwan hotel, or a Taiwanese local’s home, you will need to run your equipment or charge them using mains power when in Taiwan.

Taiwan traveler worry: How to run your electronic travel gadgets on Taiwan electricity?

Taiwan uses the 110-volt electricity

The most common socket the island uses is the two flat parallel pin type.

When you visit Taiwan from a country that uses a different voltage, your equipment will use a power socket different from Taiwan.

So for your electrical items to run or be charged using mains power while in Taiwan, you will need a piece of simple travel item known as the “electricity plug”.

1. Universal travel electricity plug for well-heeled travelers.
For those who travel often to different countries, you may already own and use a universal travel electricity adaptor/ plug.

This universal electricity plug has configurations to help your equipment power socket attach to and use the electricity from the main power in varying voltage of different countries you travel to.

If you have one of this, use it when in Taiwan.

2. Get your Taiwan electricity plug.
If you do not own a universal travel electricity plug, then just buy and use this simpler electricity plug for Taiwan.

See to buy: Taiwan electricity plug for your Taiwan tours!

Power tips for using your electricity plug in Taiwan

How do you buy and use this Taiwan electricity plug in smart travel-wise ways? Check these tips:

1. Cheap and essential travel item!

    • You can buy this electricity plug,



Easily in your local departmental store

      1. , hypermarts, or more expensively (!) at the travel specialty store.



Cheaply at no more than US 4 dollars a plug.

2. Get 2 pieces of this electricity plugs!
Just buy 2 pieces. You can use the extra plug for backup or share with a traveling friend. Buy once, keep for your future trips to Taiwan.

3. Plug and play!
At the Taiwan hotel (or a local’s home) mains power point, you will use this electricity plug to connect the socket of your electrical equipment.

For a Taiwan hotel room, there will usually be at least 2 power points. So having 2 electricity plugs is very helpful!

Taiwan traveler electricity note:
If you are in Taiwan with equipment that uses very different voltage and you cannot operate it in your hotel room, be sure to seek help from your Taiwan hotel.

If needed, they may loan you a electrical transformer, or help you out appropriately.

Taiwan electricity plug: Don’t tour Taiwan without it!

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