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Taiwan climate and weather

Taiwan is warm all year round.
Annual average temperature is around 22 degrees Celsius; lowest temperature around 12 – 17 degrees Celsius.

Taiwan seasons

    Spring is around March to May. Weather is cold to rainy.
    Summer is from June to August. Typhoons are common in this season.
    Autumn will be around September to October.
    Winter is from November to February. Cool weather in this period.

Taiwan is also prone to earthquakes throughout the year. Most are tremors and barely felt.

Weather forecast for your Taiwan trip?
• Check weather from Taiwan Central Weather Bureau English pages.
• Easy steps to check Taiwan 7-day weather forecast.
• Easy steps to check Taiwan typhoon forecast and earthquake from Taiwan Central Weather Bureau.

New Taiwan Dollar and currency

The New Taiwan Dollar is the currency used in Taiwan: NT$ or TWD as abbreviations.

Currency exchange services are available at airports, major hotels, banks and department stores.

• See the paper money and coin denominations, and banks with exchange service, from Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

• Convert your currency to New Taiwan Dollar with XE converter.

Traveler’s cheque?
Most businesses in Taiwan do not receive traveler’s check. You may want to buy New Taiwan Dollar for your use.

Tipping in Taiwan

Tipping is not customary. Many Taiwan hotels, restaurants and other upscale establishments add a 10% service charge.

VAT refund

You are entitled to VAT refund for your purchases in Taiwan with these conditions:

    • You hold a foreign passport;
    • Purchase is NT$3,000 and above (including tax);
    • Purchases made on single day at VAT-refund stores;
    • You leave Taiwan within 30 days of the purchase;

Helpful telephone numbers in Taiwan

Emergency telephone numbers:

    Police: 110
    Fire, ambulance: 119

Useful telephone numbers:

    English language directory help: 106
    Chinese local directory help: 104
    Chinese long distance directory help: 105
    Overseas operator: 100
    Weather: 166
    Time: 117
    Traffic: 168
    Tourist information hotline: 02-2717-3737

Taiwan public holidays

    January 1: Foundation day of the ROC.
    Chinese lunar year: Lunar new year’s eve; 1st, 2nd, 3rd of the 1st month by lunar calendar
    February 28: Peace memorial day.
    April 5: Tomb sweeping day.
    5th of the 5th month by the lunar calendar: Dragon boat festival.
    15th of the 8th month by the lunar calendar: Mid-autumn festival.
    October 10: Double tenth national day.

Check Central Personnel Administration for details of holidays in Taiwan.

Visas for travelers to Taiwan

    30-days visa-free for travelers from United States of America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea.
    Conditioned visa-free entry to travelers from Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.
    Entry permits for passport-holders from Hong Kong, Macau and BNO (British National overseas). BNO passport-holders may apply for a landing visa on subsequent visits to Taiwan.

    • Get more details from Taiwan National Immigration Agency.

Taiwan language

The official language is Guoyu (Mandarin Chinese).
Min-nan the southern Min dialect, also called Holo (or Hokkien in Singapore) is also widely spoken as many Taiwanese are of southern Fujianese descent.

Taiwan electricity and voltage

Taiwan uses 110-volt electricity at 60 cycles.

You will need an adapter or transformer if you bring in appliances from Europe, Australia or South-East Asia.

See the Taiwan electricity plug tip post!

Tip for your Taiwan travel: You may want to save some of these numbers into your mobile phone before your trip!

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