2013 New Year Countdown Party at Taipei 101 – What to Expect?

Will you be in Taiwan Countdown Party of the year?

The Taipei New Year Countdown at Taipei 101 is a special event in Taiwan!

Held every year at the grand Taipei 101, Taipei City Hall area, Taipei Countdown program welcomes the New Year with stage performances and Taipei 101 lit-up in fireworks.

Similar Countdown events happen in cities around Taiwan on this last night of the year.


Countdown to your New Year in Taipei – what are highlights U can expect?

Check out highlights of Taipei 101 New Year Countdown Party:

    Theme 2013: Amazing Moment, Amazing Taipei.

    Day: 31 December, 2012 to January 1, 2013.

    Place: Civic Plaza in front of Taipei City Hall.

    Time: 7:00PM to 01:00AM.

    Activities include: • Stage performances.
    • Countdown to the New Year.
    • 3D digital special effects.
    • Fireworks display.
    • More stage performances of singers and celebrities.

    Admission is free.

4 “C” things to expect at the Countdown

Tens of thousands have been thronging the crowds celebrating through the final night of the year—every year.

The Civic Plaza, Taipei City Hall, Taipei 101 and vicinity will be overwhelmed with party-goers, organisers and performers. Taipei City Hall MRT station and public facilities around will be congested.

Cool atmosphere!
In cool Taiwan winter; the immense crowds, unabashed celebrations and grand fireworks dazzle every last day of the year in thick joyous festive mood.

Chilly weather!
December in Taipei will be cold to chilly. It may drizzle too. You will be in open spaces, so stay warm and comfy – and chill out!

Catch good partying tips at Taipei 101 Countdown!

Catch the Countdown Party web site here!

Count down to your brand New Year, dear travelers!

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